The making of LN-SNX

This section is a collection of pictures of our building process. Under the different sub links on the left, you can study pictures from construction of the different sections of the project. New pictures will be added here as we progress.

The Sonex is an all aluminum construction. A lot of the component parts in our kit is preformed, pre drilled or othervise prepared for assembly. We also specified our kit to contain additional pre made parts (preformed angle kit), and this will save us build time and simplify the process. On the other hand, we still have hundreds of hours of assembly, dis assembly, pilot drilling, updrilling, de-burring and riveting ahead of us before the project is done.

Sonex specifies the entire kit (except the main spar for the wing) to be assembled by blind rivets. However, we opted to use solid rivets on all sub structure. This will add some more hours of work, but we feel more confident haveing the backbones of the airplane held together with solid rivets. On all surfaces of wings and fuselage, we use the kit specified blind rivets.

The kit and its components are truly high quality workmanship from Sonex, and their plans and documentation is likely the best in the business. We recommend anyone looking to build an experimental to take a close look at the Sonex line of aircrafts. Simple, straight forward and efficient airplanes with an appealing look and great value for money.


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03.01 | 09:02

Hei Kjell og takk for det. Følg gjerne med på siden vår, siste nytt vil alltid bli oppdatert her.
Mvh Rune

03.12 | 21:39

Imponerende prosjekt, boys. Lykke til med fullføring og testing.
Flyinteressert pensjonert skipsingeniør, Mandal.

01.12 | 00:16

Kommer seg Carl. Må si i fra når dere trenger klistermerker på flyet, så skal jeg fikse det for deg:) Kanskje en haikjeft også

25.05 | 19:25

Hello Dirk, and congratulation on your first flight, glad to hear it went well. Our project is moving along, all though not at high speed at the moment.

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