CroMoly landing gear from Tracy O'Brien will substitute the original setup. The gear legs can be had at:

We got hydraulic brakes from Tracy O'Brien. These will substitute the original wire operated drums. The brakes can be had at:

We got these reservoirs for our brake pumps at

Brake pedal kit aquired from Vans. This will be installed on the pilot seat pedals.

Lining up the landing gear legs to drill the holes in the engine mount

shim placed on the inner rim of the wheel to achieve the approximately 0,7 degrees toe-in

Brake pedal set almost complete. The pedal plate that came with the Vans kit did not fit. Re-made those.

Tabs for the brake cylinders had to be welded on the pedal assembly

This is how it ended up looking. Welded on tabs for the cylinder rod ends and made a set of bushings that I welded on for the hinge bolts on the pedals. Still to run brake lines. Those will be 3/16" SS braided lines.

Since we upgraded to 5" wheels on our Sonex, we needed larger pants. Molds were borrowed, originally made after the pants on a Storm 280. Vacum molding was used, and the two halves were joined in step two.

Wheel pant 1.0. I suppose this is a little bit like pancaces, you're never quite happy with the first one.

The brakes have been completed

Brake lines exit through the firewall to both sides. AN3 90 degree bulkhead fittings. Braided lines and fittings from Pegasus Autoracing

Inside support plate for the wheel pant bolted to the axel hub flange. Nut plates for 4ea bolts for the pant

Outside support for the wheel pant is a 1/2" tube inside the hollow axel, TIG welded to a plate with nut plates for the pant.

Wheel pant fitted

Small round cower for tire valve access

Many Sonex owners have experienced issues with the std 1/4" bolts for the gear legs in the engine mount. We had our engine mount modified to accept 10mm bolts. Reamed to close tolerance. Made arecess in the firewall to allow room for the bolt head

Our Sonex is a conventional gear model. We have ordered brakepedal kit from Vans, hydraulic brakes and landing gear legs from Tracy O'brien and a full swiveling tailwheel from flyboy accessories

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03.01 | 09:02

Hei Kjell og takk for det. Følg gjerne med på siden vår, siste nytt vil alltid bli oppdatert her.
Mvh Rune

03.12 | 21:39

Imponerende prosjekt, boys. Lykke til med fullføring og testing.
Flyinteressert pensjonert skipsingeniør, Mandal.

01.12 | 00:16

Kommer seg Carl. Må si i fra når dere trenger klistermerker på flyet, så skal jeg fikse det for deg:) Kanskje en haikjeft også

25.05 | 19:25

Hello Dirk, and congratulation on your first flight, glad to hear it went well. Our project is moving along, all though not at high speed at the moment.