Proof that we were really there. The famous brown arch

We found our selves a nice spot inside camp Scholler.

Pioneer airfield next to EAA Museum

The Goodyear blimp provided a great view for those interested

Paying tribute to Bob Hoover by recreating his famous airshow routine where both engines are shut down during the last sequence

Spectacular night shows

LN-SNX will defenitely require a companion once completed. The Onex provide a great alternative

Sonex booth at Airventure

A slightly more pointed version, The Sub Sonex

Central stage on Airventure. Crowded all week long

This one does not fit our Sonex, but a piece of art nevertheless. Made by Rotec of Austria

Entire Sonex line displayed at their booth

Factory tour at Sonex

Cubs anyone? Airventure 2012 marked the 75'th anniversary of the Piper Cub. Hundreds showed up at Oshkosh

A cub for those with no lawn mower

For really hot summer days

The Dykes Delta

EAA Museum is a must

Replica of the Wright Flyer, the plane that made history

One of aviation history's greatest achievements....around the world on one tank of fuel

Space ship One, exploring public space travel

Probably scary to deadstick

Normally we do not involve ourselves with rotor crafts. This contraption however, was so scary looking I just had to include a picture of it.

Busses all over the ground provided relief for sore feet

If you're building an airplane you need to go to Airventure at least once...or several times actually. We were there in 2012, and here are some pictures from that trip.

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03.01 | 09:02

Hei Kjell og takk for det. Følg gjerne med på siden vår, siste nytt vil alltid bli oppdatert her.
Mvh Rune

03.12 | 21:39

Imponerende prosjekt, boys. Lykke til med fullføring og testing.
Flyinteressert pensjonert skipsingeniør, Mandal.

01.12 | 00:16

Kommer seg Carl. Må si i fra når dere trenger klistermerker på flyet, så skal jeg fikse det for deg:) Kanskje en haikjeft også

25.05 | 19:25

Hello Dirk, and congratulation on your first flight, glad to hear it went well. Our project is moving along, all though not at high speed at the moment.