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29. jun, 2020
Project status
Greetings to all, and sincere appologies for a little more than a year since our last update to this build site.

We have been working on cowling modifications, engine room/firewall component installation, engine room electrical, battery and charge circuits and instrument panel. Despite the lack of updates on the build site, matters have progresses in the work shop.

Since March this year, both the Covid-19 restrictions and a requirement for us to relocate to a different project workshop have affected the progress. Hopefully we will soon be back building.

Several build sections of this site is updated, you're all welcome to have a look.
Modifying the std Sonex horisontally split cowling to fit the UL Power engine, has taken a LOT of time.
Hardware and lines connected, and brakes air-bled.
The panel is now complete. It was assembled on the workbench, and awaits installation and hookup to the eletrical system
The vent pipe from the engine sump had corrosion inside. The banjo bolt going into the sump as well. No evidenc of corrosion inside engine, ULP sent us new parts FOC.
Both pant adjusted and fitted.
Most engine-room components are now installed on the firewall. We used to think that we had a lot of space available.....


This webpage is dedicated to our joint project of building a Sonex experimental aircraft. 

We are four old friends who decided to start this project together. We bought a tail kit from another builder here in Norway in January 2012 and started construction soon after. We decided that if we could get the tail section completed, the joint project was something we could complete.

Needless to say, we soon realized that there was no turning back. So, after getting our project application approved by Norwegian Aviation Authority (project no 320), an order for the rest of the kit was placed, and a large box was delivered to our workshop in July 2012. Cristmas came early that year.

The aircraft is a small two seater constructed from a kit made by Sonex Aircraft LLC. Check our links page to visit their homepage. LN-SNX will be configured as a tail dragger, with dual controls. Our engine of choice is the UL Power 350is. The design is aerobatic, +6/-3 G. However, we do not have an inverted fuel and oil systems, so the aircraft will be limited to positive manouvers.

The serial number of our kit is 1571, meaning there are at least a corresponding number of kits sold as per summer 2012. The line of kits from Sonex LLC have grown in popularity, and they are currently being built and flow world wide. In Norway there are, as far as we know, five other Sonex'es. They are however all in Ultralight category, ours will be the first built and registered in the Experimental/Amature Built category.

Below you can see a couple of good looking Sonex'es, the shiny one in the middle is basically what we have in mind as far as looks goes.

Feel free to roam our web page, we will update our build section with pictures from the construction as we progress.

Should we decide to paint it bright yellow, this is what it will look like
This Sonex has its wing tips, cowling and wheel pants painted. The rest of the aircraft is polished to a mirror like finish. This is how we hope our Sonex will turn out
Simple and nicely organized cockpit. We might have something like this in mind


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Lars Erik | Svar 01.12.2018 00:16

Kommer seg Carl. Må si i fra når dere trenger klistermerker på flyet, så skal jeg fikse det for deg:) Kanskje en haikjeft også

Dirk Verdonck | Svar 24.05.2018 19:21

Hi Guys, My Onex #117 flew for the first time today, no major issues!
How is the installation of your engine going?
Brgds, Dirk

Rune Bjørkelid 25.05.2018 19:25

Hello Dirk, and congratulation on your first flight, glad to hear it went well. Our project is moving along, all though not at high speed at the moment.

Dirk Verdonck | Svar 26.01.2018 11:03

Hi Guys, I'm interested in joining you for the installation course as I plan to use the UL350i in my next Waiex project. Dirk Belgium

Rune 27.01.2018 00:27

Hi Dirk, book your course directly with Evelyne at the ULPower HQ. Our date is February 16'th
Regards Rune

Dirk Verdonck | Svar 20.12.2017 16:21

Hi, Can I have an e-mail address? Dirk

Dirk Verdonck | Svar 20.12.2017 15:59

Hi, I am a Belgian Onex builder and am about to finish my aircraft. The plan is after completing the Onex testing to start building a B-Waiex with UL350i. Dirk

Rune 21.12.2017 08:40

Hello Dirk, and thanks for visiting our website. It sounds like you have a great project ahead of you. The Onex is a great little airplane.

Ivan Midwing | Svar 24.02.2016 19:09

Nice work guy's!

Øyvind Øglænd | Svar 09.09.2013 18:56

Kjekt å se ordentlig håndverk at dyktige instruktører, unnskyld bygger, i "ærverdige" lokaler!! Hils Hans Otto!!

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03.01 | 09:02

Hei Kjell og takk for det. Følg gjerne med på siden vår, siste nytt vil alltid bli oppdatert her.
Mvh Rune

03.12 | 21:39

Imponerende prosjekt, boys. Lykke til med fullføring og testing.
Flyinteressert pensjonert skipsingeniør, Mandal.

01.12 | 00:16

Kommer seg Carl. Må si i fra når dere trenger klistermerker på flyet, så skal jeg fikse det for deg:) Kanskje en haikjeft også

25.05 | 19:25

Hello Dirk, and congratulation on your first flight, glad to hear it went well. Our project is moving along, all though not at high speed at the moment.

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